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Every woman who goes to another country gets laid in that country. Getting laid isn't the primary purpose of her travel - the primary purpose is the social status of saying, "I've been to _____" - but rest assured, no woman leaves a foreign country without getting laid.

What's hilarious is that in the competition for social status, getting fucked in western countries is no longer worth very much.

"Oh you got fucked in Italy? That's nice. I've been fucked in Italy like a dozen times" <--- see? Not worth many points.

So now, women have to visit obviously dangerous countries while pretending they're so incredibly badass that they don't even notice the danger. They can handle anything (just like the women superheroes).

A woman who says, "I just got back from 3 weeks in Pakistan" has REAL social status. Other women (who she secretly hates) will actually admire her for that. "Pakistan? Wow. The most dangerous place I've been fucked was Turkey!"

Of course, her intent was to get fucked by another expat in the resort. That'd be good for a story too. "I met a 6'5" Norwegian guy in the hotel - we barely understood each other but we spent the week together OMFG such great sex!!" <--- that's maximum social status right there.

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