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This subreddit is for ultra-liberals in China. We are deconstructionists of Chinese identity. We strongly support feminism, LGBT rights, East Turkestan Muslims, and all those persecuted by the Chinese government and Chinese Nazis because of their faith, view, identity, and race.

这个subreddit是为中国的极端自由主义者准备的。我们是中国身份的解构主义者。我们强烈支持女权主义、LGBT 权利、东突厥斯坦穆斯林,以及所有因信仰、观点、身份和种族而受到中国政府和中国纳粹迫害的人。

Chinese tradition is rife with the oppression of women and underprivileged groups. In addition to the well-known foot-binding, the Chinese have more cruel rules for women. According to the Chinese tradition that a woman's life is subordinate to her husband, a Chinese husband has many legal reasons to kill his wife or kick her out of the house. In ancient China, it was a crime for a wife to get seriously ill, express her opinion or even fail to give birth to a male baby.


When it comes to LGBT issues, Chinese tradition has long opposed the claims of LGBTQ people. The Chinese believe that all men and women must be heterosexual and recognize no other identity. If you don't have a wife and children, it's a crime in traditional China. And if you tried to form relationships with your same sex, as Athenian citizens did, it was considered deviant and, according to Confucian philosophy, punishable by execution.

在 LGBT 问题上,中国传统长期以来一直反对 LGBTQ 人的主张。中国人相信所有的男人和女人都必须是异性恋,并且不承认其他身份。没有妻儿,在传统中国就是犯罪。如果你试图与同性建立关系,就像雅典公民所做的那样,这被认为是不正常的,根据儒家哲学,会被处以死刑(支儒认为顺非而泽该杀)。

In addition to the above two points, Chinese people have a tradition of racial discrimination. Since ancient times they have used animal terms to refer to their neighbors, such as dogs and mites. They think they are the center of the world and refuse to recognize people of other races as human. They think africans are chimpanzees and call South Asians as monkeys, among other things they often claim to kill all the Taiwanese ,South Korean and Japanese with nuclear bombs and leave only their land for occupy. This concept is a mainstream concept in China, when in need they say they are Asian. But here's the irony, they are the biggest Asian haters. Given this tradition, it is not surprising that they committed genocide in East Turkestan.


In terms of shadeism, contemporary Chinese people generally believe that black people are lazy and have inferior intelligence. The ancient Chinese even called black people "Kunlunnu", which means black slaves. In ancient China, the elite ignored the sufferings of black people and took pride in owning black slaves as a symbol of wealth. This malformed perception persists today, leading many Chinese social media users to travel to Africa and use food to induce poor black children to entertain other Chinese with self-insult on Tik Tok. For example, inducing black children to say they are black ghost and have low intelligence.

在肤色主义方面,当代中国人普遍认为黑人懒惰,智力低下。中国古代甚至称黑人为“昆仑奴”,意为黑奴。在中国古代,精英阶层不顾黑人的苦难,以拥有黑奴为荣,是财富的象征。这种畸形的观念一直持续到今天,导致许多中国社交媒体用户前往非洲,用食物诱使贫穷的黑​​人儿童在抖音上自娱自乐地娱乐其他中国人。 比如用食物诱骗非洲儿童说:“我是黑鬼智商低。”

The state of workers' rights in China is terrible. Many people only get one or two days off each month. Chinese workers never get paid for overtime work, and employers can insult or even beat employees with impunity. Sudden death is a common phenomenon among young Chinese, yet no one sees anything wrong with it. Many people go through life without ever experiencing anything like the casual entertainment such as playing AAA game a vie that Reddit's admin does every day. Young people in factories sleep on crowded bunks clutching their mobile phones at wee hours. The labor intensity of Chinese workers is much higher than that of all western workers. Even so, their savings for a year may not even cover their medical bills. The hospital rule in China is that if you don't have the money to pay for your care, the doctors will sit and watch you die in front of them.

中国工人的权利状况很糟糕。许多人每个月只休息一两天。中国工人从不因加班而获得报酬,雇主可以侮辱甚至殴打雇员而不受惩罚。猝死是中国年轻人的普遍现象,但没人觉得有什么不对。许多人一生都没有经历过像玩三A游戏这样的休闲娱乐活动,这是 Reddit 管理员每天都在做的事情。工厂里的年轻人凌晨睡在拥挤的铺位上,手里拿着手机。中国工人的劳动强度远高于所有西方工人。即便如此,他们一年的积蓄可能甚至无法支付他们的医疗费用。中国的医院规则是,如果你没有钱支付你的医疗费用,医生就会坐在他们面前看着你死去。

Still, the Chinese are social Darwinists. They have no compassion for the victims, the vulnerable. They love to use the suffering of others as a joke or a tool to attack their opponents. Interestingly enough, they seem to think that the poor are sinful and shameful. And that -- that's where the term "rat Man" comes from, they think people who oppose the Chinese government are poor people living in sewers like rats. My comrades and I will never deny this, because we do not think poverty is shameful. We do not consider shameful those who strive to live under tyranny and yearn for freedom. We also do not think that the amount of wealth represents a person's amount of conscience. Despite our class composition is very complicated, every one of ours here has a common sense of compassion for the poor and vulnerable.


We are fed up with social Darwinism and Nazism in Chinese society, that's why I set up this subreddit, that's why my friends and I are here. Compared with the Chinese, a nation constructed in modern times, We are more proud to call ourselves Asian. And you are white supremacist racists and Asian-haters who are helping the Chinese Nazis suppress free speech here. You pretend to be inclusive and kind, but in fact your worthless anus is specially serving for the Chinese Nazi cock. You pretend to be progressives in order to cater to western public opinion, but your essence is nothing but assholes who can sell their conscience for money.

我们受够了中国社会的社会达尔文主义和纳粹主义,这就是我设立这个 subreddit 的原因,这就是我和我的朋友们在这里的原因。与近代建立的中华民族相比,我们更自豪地称自己为亚洲人。而你们是白人至上主义种族主义者和亚洲仇恨者,你们正在帮助中国纳粹压制这里的言论自由。你们假装包容和善良,但实际上你的便宜的肛门是专门为中国纳粹鸡巴服务的。你为了迎合西方舆论而装成进步派,但你的本质不过是可以为钱出卖良心的混蛋。

Most people in this Subreddit speak Chinese, so we are so-called "Chinese" in the view of Reddit's racist Admin. This is a stereotype of Asian based on the framework of Western centrism and white superiority by the racist Admin of Reddit. You think everyone who speaks Chinese is Chinese and don't delve into the complex contradictions between Asians and Asians. With a sickening sense of white superiority, you have undermined the Asian people's struggle against fascism by defying their freedom of speech. You stand on the moral high ground and say that Asian progressives' criticism of Chinese Nazis is hate speech while ignoring the sexual innuendo of Chinese pedophiles to Ukrainian children under 16, ignoring Chinese genocidal remarks against Ukrainians and other ethnic groups.

这个 Subreddit 的大多数人都说中文,所以在 Reddit 的种族主义管理员看来,我们是所谓的“中国人”。这是 Reddit 的种族主义管理员基于西方中心主义和白人优越感的框架对亚洲人的刻板印象。你以为说中文的都是中国人,不深究亚洲人和亚洲人的复杂矛盾。你以令人作呕的白人优越感,无视亚洲人民的言论自由,破坏了亚洲人民反对法西斯主义的斗争。你站在道德制高点说亚洲进步人士对中国纳粹的批评是仇恨言论,而无视中国恋童癖对乌克兰16岁以下儿童的性暗示,无视中国人对乌克兰人和其他族群的种族灭绝言论。

In summary, The admin of Reddit is racist, pedophile, anti-feminist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Western-centric, and anti-Asian, Ku Klux Klan, fascist. I know you're powerful here, but Fuck you motherfucker! This is for the female who have been abused throughout Chinese history, for the children of Ukraine, for other races discriminated against and persecuted by the Chinese, for the suffering of the poor people, for the LGBT people killed by Commie, for the Muslims and Christians persecuted.

综上所述,Reddit 的管理员是种族主义者、恋童癖者、反女权主义者、新纳粹分子、白人至上主义者、西方为中心者和反亚洲的三K党、法西斯主义者。我知道你在这里很强大,但我还是要说你妈大逼人人插!这是为了在中国历史上被虐待的女性,为了乌克兰的孩子,为了其他被中国人歧视和迫害的种族,为了受苦的穷人,为了被共产主义杀害的LGBT人群,为了穆斯林和基督徒受到迫害。

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@lynxtrainer 我奭小学生,L蛆帮我检查下有没有语法和拼写错误

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尽管我们的班级构成非常复杂 这里的class是阶级的意思吧

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